Well, sometimes you are left wondering regarding the right options…and sometimes you do not even know that multiple options exist. When looks become tampered or due to certain issues you want to change something regarding them that will strengthen the security, what most of us do I replace the lock. Re-keying might be a whole new term that a lot of people are not even familiar with, hence, they do not even consider as an option. But, is rekeying really the best option or is it just another lousy trick in the market intended to fool customers? Here, we will attempt to explain both aspects. Before investing in any device or lock system, it is recommended to consult with locksmith Fort Lauderdale.


Even though the term is almost self-explanatory but for some it can be a bit confusing. So here we will proceed with explaining what rekeying actually is. The idea is to utilize the same lock body but use a different key to operate it. And it is not a bluff, some people might think that it is an impossible feat to use an entirely different key to open their front doors…too bad they are in for a shock. It is not impossible to be able to manipulate your locks mechanism to obey to the structure of a different key. This method requires professional help but otherwise it is very cost effective, as you do not have to replace the whole lock but you are getting an almost entirely knew lock just by rekeying.

What Does It Mean To Rekey Locks?

It is actually a very difficult process, and also it is essential to have the original key at hand to be able to rekey. Without the original key to that lock, you cannot reset it to make it respond to the new key. On the other hand , when a lock smith can identify the pin setting which need to be used for the particular holes/grooves on your key, it might take you ages to decode your key depressions in terms of pin cylinders in the lock. For the aid of users a depth chart is available. Pin size charts and key decoders are also available to help set locks according to new keys.

Advantages of rekeying

Save your money

Since a lot of people shifting in to new houses are given a set of keys by the previous owners, they feel that the whole idea of duplicates and or stray keys here and there is a major hazard to security. Hence when a new house owner gains authority he tends to replace locks. This might need a hefty amount. For these people it is a lot more convenient to call in a Fort Lauderdale locksmith, invest some time and rekey all the major locks. This proves to be very cost-effective indeed.

Level of difficulty?

Well, it is pretty easy instead of going out in to the market and buying new locks and getting some help in removing the old ones to replace them. All that you will need is, a locksmith, a key decoder, the current key to the lock and a few tools. If your lock smith is a pro he will be done before you know it.

What goes against rekeying?

The major drawback is in terms of the limited up gradation facilities that might have accompanied a new lock. For example if a person has rekeyed a lock in his new home which had been subjected to a great deal of wear and tear previously or is simply of not good quality material; the person will remain stuck with this compromised security state through rekeying.

Hence, all these issues should be kept in mind whilst rekeying. It does provide improved security but on the other hand it might just not be worth the compromises that come with it.

Replacing a lock

Replacing a lock completely allows the owner to choose the type of lock he would want to use. Also, the owner can make required additions and modifications according to hid demands. When replacing a lock, you need to remove the whole lock body and any knob, strike plate etc. that comes with it. This is a lengthy as well as costly procedure, as a perfectly okay lock might be put in the scrape yard. Then the owner invests time in choosing the type of lock he might want. After that he buys that specific lock/locks and hires labour to replace the whole lot. Finally he is able to rest with empty pockets but a good sense of security.

Hence in short a lock replacement will allow you to have: 1) All the additional up gradations you want; you can add as many and as few features you want. 2)

A customized lock of your choice; you can choose the type of lock you want. Also different areas can be fitted with different strength locks, as per requirement.

Any drawbacks? Oh well, yes.

For some people this might just not be a drawback but for some it is quite a big problem that can’t be ignored… yes we are talking about the monetary differences. The rekeying process barely gets to your pocket, but when replacing the whole lock, well it might just be a bit of a burden for your already indebted pockets. If you can afford the tools, equipment and labour cost, then there is not stopping you. But if you are constantly worrying about your budget then maybe you would spare a moment and reconsider.

What to choose?

There are several factors that need to be considered while you are about to make a concrete decision. All the information listed above should be used to determine what exactly you are in need off? Is sense of security more important than the money that you will spend to purchase it? If that is the case for you then there is really no need to ponder further. But if you have certain issues regarding where your bank account is draining off to, then you might reconsider replacing locks.

Get all the advice you can before you try to start the project at hand and try to do what you think is best for yourself.