Many a times we find ourselves locked out of our homes, cars or apartments simply because we cannot find the keys or the door lock has some issues. This causes stress issues in many people along with wasting their precious time and energy. Here we provide you precautionary methods which will help you from getting locked out again.

Check before you leave

Whenever you leave one place for another, always perform a check on your pocket, wallet, purse or bag. These are the places where you keep important items such as keys etc. This habit of checking can massively help you to avoid any situation of being locked out again. This method is effective because once you leave a place, you are sure all your important items are on you. Furthermore when you reach a place where you cannot find any item of yours, you can track back and guess where it might have been lost. Hence this neat little trick can help you remember and check for all your items such as keys and prevent you from being locked out.

Always have spare Keys

It is said precautionary measures are always taken by far sighted people. These people are always prepared for the unforeseen simply because at each step they think about the possible outcomes exhaustively. For this instance, you can become a far sighted person too only if you keep some spares keys for your house, car or apartment. These keys can be kept on you at all times or given to trustworthy family members. Hence in the case of being locked out of the house, vehicle or apartment, you can simply use your spare key or call up your family member for help. If you feel unsafe giving away the spare key to your neighbors and/or relatives, you can simply place or hide it somewhere at your convenience. For instance, to prevent being locked out, you can hide the spare key under some plant pot or carpet such that only you are aware of the key’s position. However, beware that this is extremely risky and you need to place the key at such a place where some burglar or thief cannot find it. Furthermore, you should place the key at its place only when you are sure nobody is watching you. Or you could simply keep all the spare keys on you too!

Frequent door and lock maintenance

Sometimes you get locked out not because of losing or misplacing the key, but just because the door lock mechanism has become defective. The one and only way to evade such kind of scenarios is to get your main locks frequently checked and maintained by an expert locksmith in your region. Whenever you find some problem with the lock or locking mechanism, head on to your locksmith and get your problem solved. This way, you will never get locked out of your home again.

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Faulty locks

As mentioned above, you should regularly maintain all the important locks and doors of your house and keep checking for faulty locks. As soon as you encounter one or your locksmith encounters one you should take the safe route and get the lock replaced. This way at all times all your locks and doors will be well maintained and there will very low chances of faulty or bad locks that can malfunction and hence lock you out of the house.

Duplicate keys with care

All important keys in your house should be duplicated so if you lose one you still have backup keys. However, one very important factor is often overlooked by people when they have their keys duplicated; they often get duplicates of duplicates and so on! The first duplicate is of course constructed using the original key. However, later if another duplicate of the same key is needed people tend to get it made from the duplicate rather than the original. Though they may seem the same but a duplicate is not 100% replica of the original and if you keep on duplicating keys from previous duplicates you may end up with a duplicate key that may not even unlock the lock the first original did. Hence it is recommended not to have too many duplicates for security as well as the above mentioned reason. Furthermore, it is recommended to always use the original key while having a duplicate key constructed.

Emergency Contacts

It is always a good practice to hand over some duplicate keys to your trusted relatives or family members. In the case of being locked out, you can simply take out your phone and contact any of your trusted relative or family member that can provide you with the duplicate key and hence allow you to gain entry into the house. However most people do not feel safe handing over duplicate keys to their house to even their relatives and family members. The solution to this is keeping an emergency contact of your local locksmith West Palm Beach in your phone. Hence if any such situation occurs where you are locked out of your house and you have not provided any duplicate keys to your relatives or family members, you can simply call your locksmith for help.

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Lock Pick Solution

Everybody knows lock picking is what criminals do in order to gain illegal access to forbidden areas. However some basic lock picking skill can help you in case of an emergency. Hence if you are stuck outside your home and cannot find your key whereas the situation is of an emergency, you can use a lock pick to open up the door. It should be noted that basic lock picking is still a very difficult task and can be only done if you are supervised be an expert locksmith. Also, we want to clearly mention that lock picking is still a crime and should be avoided at all costs.

Call your locksmith

If all the methods provided above fail and you still find yourself locked out, then simply resort to calling your local locksmith service West Palm Beach locksmith and have them unlock the door for you.