Every once in a while everybody faces the issue of a broken key stuck in the lock. This can happen due to a multitude of reasons from rapid twisting and turning a key stuck in the lock to the lock malfunctioning itself. Even if it happens one way or the other, it sure is frustrating to have a half broken key sticking out of your lock whilst you stare at it helplessly. Here we mention some methods to remove the broken key from the lock and get on with your daily errands.

Use a pair of tweezers

A pair of tweezers is a handy tool to keep with you at all times. In the scenario where you have a broken key in the lock, you can use the pair of tweezers to carefully pull it out. Seems pretty simple? It’s not. For one, this method only works if some part of the key is sticking out of the lock and you can physically grab it with the pair of tweezers. If the key is not sticking out and you still proceed on with the tweezers you may end up pushing the broken key further up the lock hole, perhaps even damaging the entire lock mechanism. Apart from this even if the key is sticking out the size of your tweezers plays a massive part in whether you would be able to extract the key or not. The tweezers should be thick or thin enough to match the size of the part of the key that is protruding out so as to have a firm grip on it and pull it out. Again, incompatible sizes can end in you pushing the key further inside the lock hole, potentially damaging it. Lastly, if the key is sticking out well enough, you can grab it with your tweezers and the tweezers’ size matches that of the key then you can proceed to extract the key. Simply apply some grip on the tweezers and gently pull the key out. If it still seems stuck, gently twist the tweezers a little and try to wriggle the key out. If the key still refuses to come out, do not exert more pressure as it may damage the lock.

Deal With a Broken Key

Using thin metal wires

If you cannot use the tweezers for any of the reason mentioned above, you can give a thin wires a try. Use any piece of two thin metal wires available to you for this procedure. To extract the key out, put one wire above the key and one wire below the key, then proceed to press both of them towards the key. When you feel a firm grip on the key, start pulling it out gently. If it feels stuck, try shaking, twisting or wriggling it a little to make it come out. If successfully done, this process can slowly bring your key out. However, like with the tweezers, if the key is already too much in the lock hole then using the wires can probably push it even further. Also, in attempt to grab the key, do not keep pushing the wires in the lock hole, as apart from pushing the key even further, this can also damage the lock mechanism. Also, if the wires are too thick or too thin, you may not be able to have proper grip on the key or could simply end up pushing the broken key even further.

Using super glue

You may be wondering the connection of super glue with a broken key extraction process. Though it may seem far off the hook, it can yield results. If you have some super glue lying around you can use it to pull the broken key out. The first condition to use this procedure is that an ample amount of broken key part should be out of the lock-hole and be visible. If the above condition is met simply take a small match or similar cheap item and place super glue at its end. Then proceed to attach its end to the broken part of the key that is protruding out. Once the contact is made, apply some pressure for the glue to fuse and bind the match and the key together. Wait till the glue does its job and completely binds the match with the key. Now gently pull the broken key out by pulling the match out. Whilst using this method, deal with precaution and avoid using too much super glue as it may enter the locking system and damage the lock. Furthermore, if no part of the key is visible you cannot use this method as it will damage the lock.

Using small saw or jigsaw blade

Every hardware store sells these little jigsaw blades or mini saws that can be used to extract a broken out. To use this method, as in the above all, significant amount of the broken key part should be protruding out so you may use the jigsaw blade on it. If no part is protruding do not use this method since it may end in pushing the key even further. To use the jigsaw blade, simply fix its jagged side into the broken key part that is protruding out. Then apply gentle force to move the key out of the lock hole.

Using small saw or jigsaw blade

Calling your local lock-smith

Of all the methods provided to extract a broken key out of the lock, this method is the recommended one. Whenever you face the issue of a broken key, simply resort to calling your local lock smith services and have a professionals West Palm Beach locksmith remove the broken key from the lock without damaging the lock.

Calling your local locksmith

A broken key is menace for everyone and can set you back in your errands if you try to remove it. Though we provide you various methods to remove it yourself, we recommend you leave it to a professional locksmith to extract your broken key and hence safe your time and effort. It should also be noted that extreme precaution should be taken whilst using the methods and hardware tools mentioned above so as to avoid any damage to yourself. Furthermore we recommend you not to use them and resort to professional locksmith West Palm Beach to extract the key for you.